Can you listen to the cry and aspiration of a disabled child?

I may lack sight but I have a vision and mission
I may lack hearing but I have a perception
I may lack elating brains but I have desires to excel
And to the best of my abilities do I strive
I wish to lead a happy life with dignity and respect.
It needs your good-will, concern and support.
The Lord has been gracious to you.
Will you not be generous to ME?

You may sponsor a child or support a child in the following way:

Corrective surgery of a disabled child
Rs. 5000 - 10000 (one time)
Education of a disabled child
Rs. 4200/- (Annual)
Sponsor a child for a month
Rs. 1800/-
Sponsor one time meal for 200 children
Rs. 5000/-
Sponsor One day meal for 200 children
Rs. 13000/-
Sponsor a tricycle
Rs. 2000/-
Sponsor a Wheel chair
Rs. 2500/-
Sponsor crutches
Rs. 1500/-
Sponsor a hearing aids
Rs. 2000/-

Donate & Help

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